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PEACOCK Wood panels (MDF Boards / Particle Boards / Block Boards / Plywood / Commercial plywood ) are  ideal for cabinets,  compartments and many more ... How you use PEACOCK MDF   board is limited only by your imagination.
PEACOCK MDF boards can also be used for ceiling paneling
PEACOCK Wood panels  are best suitable for bedroom sets, dining sets etc.
PEACOCK MDF Boards very ideal for Kitchen compartments, as skins for flush doors.
PEACOCK Wood panels are best suitable vardrups 
PEACOCK Wood panels are best suitable for applictions in furniture include drawer bottoms,  TV racks, speaker boxes etc.
PEACOCK MDF Boards can be used for wall paneling.
PEACOCK MDF/PARTICLE/Block boards are best suitable for partioning, office screens used to make office furniture 
systems, exhibition paneling etc.
Readily available PEACOCK Paper Laminations
DL-05 DL-06 DL-07 DL-08
DL-09 DL-11 DL-12 DL-13
DL-14 DL-15 DL-16 DL-18
DL-19 DL-20 DL-21 DL-22
DL-23 DL-24 DL-25 DL-29
DL-30 DL-31 DL-33 DL-34
DL-35 DL-36