Peacock - Particle Board
PEACOCK Particleboard is an engineered wood product made out of  shavings, chips and  sawdust, a  renewable  resource,
used  as core material in the construction of home,
office furniture, shelving,  kitchen cabinets, as well as commercial, institutional fixtures and much more.


PEACOCK Particle boards are the best substitutes to Block Boards with extra smooth surface, Uniform thickness and light weight.

PEACOCK Laminated particleboard has gained a solid reputation for use in a wide range of furniture applications for home or office. It is also  ideal for use in the production of countertops, tables, Kitchen cabinets, Stereo fixtures and TV  cabinets any applications requiring a smooth, blemish-free surface, tight edges and  good screw-holding ability. 


International Paper particleboard's high degree of  uniformity and consistency make it well-suited for use in industrial corestock applications requiring wood veneers,  
melamine, paper overlays or printing.



STANDARD SIZE : 8 Ft  x 4 Ft
Thickness in MM No. of Sheets per CBM
9 38
12 28
15 23
18 19
PEACOCK Wood panel comes with different attractive laminations,  highly attractive and very pleasing covering that adds beauty and distinction to any surface or interior panelings  Kitchen compartments, as skins for flush doors, partioning, office screens much more ...     >>>   CLICK HERE FOR MORE