The Wooden Parts of PEACOCK RTA Chairs are moulded high quality veneer in natural finish.The special properties of wood such as  stiffness, elasticity, damping capacity, favourable relation between strength and weight and looks make veneer the preferred material unmatched by any other material.
PEACOCK - RTA Chair comes
with Fabric, Rexine and 
Leather upholstery in various
Shades and Colours. Upholstery
available in Fabric, Velvet, Acrolon.
PEACOCK - RTA chairs are light and easily stackable without wastage of space. PEACOCK - RTA chairs are made out of high quality eco-friendly plantation timbers which are converted into jointless rigid lumber furniture frames of
elegance and long life.
PEACOCK - RTA chair is fixed by
Alan screws, which are very easy 
to assemble and  dismantle.
PEACOCK - RTA Furniture comes with
different Finishes.
Other timbers finishes like Rosewood,
Teakwood, Walnut, Mahogany,
Padauk, Golden Oak, Silver Oak
and Duco Colouring are available
on special request
PEACOCK - RTA  chairs can be completely 
knocked down and packed, making them 
easily portable.
PEACOCK - RTA Furniture can be completely
knocked down and packed, enabling easy
transportation from place to place.
Gross weight of packed PEACOCK - RTA Chair
is about 8 kgs and the dimension of the box is
89 X 59 X 10 cms, volume about 0.0525 Cu.Mtr.

Peacock chairs are exclusively designed for mutiple uses. Ideal for Homes, 
Offices, Libraries, Conference Halls, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts and Educational Institutions etc.
PEACOCK MDF Board is manufactured for interior applications. Typical applications in furniture include drawer bottoms, backs of cabinets and centre panels in framed doors, wall and ceiling paneling and other furniture designing. PEACOCK Particle Boards  building interiors, kitchen compartments, as skins for flush doors, partioning, office screens, lightweight doors, exhibition paneling,  used to make office furniture systems, kitchen cabinets, bedroom sets, dining sets, TV racks, speaker boxes, decorative doors,  panel mouldings and much more. PEACOCK Commercial plywood are best suitable for all kinds of furniture applications and panelings. PEACOCK F Grade plywood  (PEACOCK Film faced plywood) has a factory applied phenolic fabric film on both sides. The phenolic fabric film is bonded under controlled conditions of temperature and pressure and is a protection against the chemical action of concrete as well as the wet conditions. PEACOCK MF Grade  plywood (PEACOCK Non-Slip plywood ) specially manufactured for transport industry. This products are the plywood marine grade as per Indian Standard specification No.IS 710-1976 which are weather and boil proof bonded with phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin and surfaced with phenol resin impregnated cotton fabric with or without special patterns to give non-slip surface. This product is highly resistant to Weather, Micro-organisms, Cold and Boiling water, Steam and Dry heat.