Peacock - Commercial Plywood
PEACOCK Commercial plywood demonstrates the cutting edge of quality. The use of superior quality timber core and surface veneer, bonded with premium urea formaldehyde synthetic resin for the gluing of all layers, ensures a perfect bonding to fight wood destroying organisms as well as the forces of nature. Warp-less and Zero core Gap Smooth Surface finish,  Resistant to termite and moisture,  


PEACOCK  plywood is best suitable for Furniture making  Partitions Wall Paneling Ceiling Lamination and Paint finish.

FUNGUS RESISTANT: PEACOCK Commercial plywood is made out of  selected wood and chemical treatments which acts as a protective barrier in fighting full fledged fungal attack.

TERMITE RESISTANT: Proper use of chemical compounds makes PEACOCK Commercial plywood termite resistant.

WEATHER PROOF:  The use of phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin in bonding, as against urea formaldehyde resin used in ordinary plywood, provides PEACOCK Commercial plywood with adequate protection against the damaging impact of varying weather conditions. 

PEACOCK Wood panel comes with different attractive laminations,  highly attractive and very pleasing covering that adds beauty and distinction to any surface or interior panelings  Kitchen compartments, as skins for flush doors, partioning, office screens much more ...     >>>   CLICK HERE FOR MORE